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Discover the range of products for the Handicap accessibility in swimming pool

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Discover the range of rehabilitation in swimming pool

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Jointec France is manufacturing three ranges of materiels in France :

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Archimède Aquafitness - aquabike - vélo de piscine


All solutions to provide an aquatic physical activity at all valid public, to sportsman  to unsportsman, 17 to 87 years old.

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Handicap accessibilité - Matériel pour PMR

Handicap Accessibility:

All solutions offer the PMK or disabled broadening their living environment.

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Rééducation en piscine -Archimède - Jointec france

Rehab in water:

All solutions provide to the PMK and the disabled a physical activity in pool.

The range is moving, the Jointec France team in Research and Development is constituted by sport physiotherapists, one of them is an ex physiotherapist of the national French soccer team. It regularly develops new systems in view to enlarge the field of recreational
and sportive activities for the public and the disabled people.

Jointec materials are compliant to the HANDICAP LAW.

JOINTEC is also a training Center

Archimede proposes coaching sessions for aquafit (pool bikes, elliptical bikes, treadmills, trampolines)
in order to specialize swimming teachers in your aquatic center all over the world.



Discover the Aquatic Baby Climbing Frame

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Aquafit, what is it ?

The aquafit good advantages

A tireless cool sport
on energy big consumer

Energy consumer:In the water, the movement consumes more calories than in the air. It favours the weight loss

The magic of the gym
in the weightlessness

Tiredness: the aquatic pressure activates venous and lymphatic circulation, it accelerates blood lactic acid elimination and eliminates the impression of tireless.

The incomparable wellness during the movement in the warm water.

Cool sport : the water is denser than the air, also it slows down the movement It is regularly amortized without articular shocks
Anti stressing :the warm water is emollient, relaxing

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The aquabike has been created in Italia in the years 2000 in the therapy centers for person taking the water cares.

Its market has been developed to the public in the west Europe. The public find a soft sport improving physical condition with aquafitness.

With the Pool bike, new products were coming: elliptical bike, treadmill, trampoline…

Aquafitness takes a benefit of the Archimede principle: “every corps immerged in fluid receives from this fluid a vertical push up equivalents to the weight of the displaced volume”.

It is specially recommended for:

Developing the breath and the cardio breathing capacity

It is specially recommended for:

Losing weight

It is specially recommended for:

Remodeling the body

It is specially recommended for:

Accelerating venous and lymphatic circulation

It is specially recommended for:

Making flexible the articulations

It is specially recommended for:

Reinforcing the muscles, improving the body equilibrium

It is specially recommended for:

Reducing the pain of the osteoarthritis

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Moreover in activating the cellular metabolism, it limits disorders as diabetes type II, hypercholesterolemia, arterial hyper pressure, and osteoporosis
In conclusion, the aquafitness is bringing wellness, physical capacity and health to a very large public

Aquafit for whom?

The aquatraining is convenient to a large public,
from the sport man to the aged people.

In the water, this is the execution speed which regulates the resistance.
With reduced speed, reduced strain, With rapid speed, intense strain In an aquafitness course,
each one is working with his own capacity according to his physical conditions Consequently the aquatraining is convenient to a large public,
from the sport man to the aged people. It is appreciated by the women. By definition it is a pleasure sport.

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The no traumatic character of the aquafitness makes it to interest reeducation people specially the surgery of the joints and bones.

Consequently Archimede – aquafitness proposes a complete range of specific devices for each type of population.

see (handicap mobility solutions).

Aquafit how it works?

Archimede Aquafit
proposes the basic equipments:

It might be practiced without equipment, but in order to obtain rapid results, it is necessary to use special devices

water aquafitness archimede jointec franceaquabike archimede jointec francetreadmill aquafitness archimede jointec franceelliptical bike aquafitness archimede jointec francetrampoline aquafitness archimede jointec francepool jumping bar aquafitness archimede jointec france

Pool bike


Elliptical bikes


Pool jumping bar

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logo jointec manufacturer - Archimède Jointec France

The Archimede qualities are :

Each machine is made in marine 316L or 304 stainless steel and
equipped with a sacrificial anode for an ideal protection against corrosion

The bases of the lift and some price are in 235S hot galvanized steel
protected with a thermolaqued hydrofuge cover

The motirized lift are equipped with an electrical activation 230/24 volts
with 2 batteries 1 remote control 1 charger on the wall

The hydraulic lifts are equipped a normal activation (capacity 1 tone)

The winch lifts are equipped with an automatic anti-fall system in acordance
to the EN 360 europeen norm

Stucture is with 3 years guaranty

Machinies in accordance with handicap law

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The Archimede – aquafitness devices are recommended in post-operative medicine of traumatologic – orthopedic specialties when healing permits a stay in the water