Aqua pole dance

Vertical bar the in swimming pool
With Pool jumping bar, all movements and postures in suspension in weightless

An aerobic sport is recommended to shape the young bodys, the pool jumping bar is appreciated by the femal public

Barre d’Aquajumping - aquapole - aqua pole dance - aquafitness - aquagym - archimède

Usable in the swimming pool (aqua pole dance) or in the air for the artistic (pole dance)

Rigid stainless steel bar
L 7ft 10in

Barre d’Aquajumping - aqua pole dance - aquafitness - archimède

Aqua pole dance with a Large circular base
Ø3ft 11in,
reinforced by stainless steel structure

Might be used also in nightclub for artistic show

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Barre d’Aquajumping - aqua pole dance - aquafitness - archimède
aqua pole dance - Pool Jumping - Bar suction - archimede

6 suction cups for complete stability

Complete range of Aquafit equipments

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Marine grade stainless steel

Additional protection
against corrosion
by electrolytic treatment and sacrificial anode

Requires low
to no maintenance

3 years
guaranty for the stucture

1 years
guaranty for the suction cups

Maintain/deliver spare parts :
5 years from date of invoice

Dimensions :
Bar L 7ft 10in – Large circular base Ø3ft 11in

Reference :

Aquatic baby climbing frame - Archimede


the Aquatic Baby Climbing Frame

Gym tubular portical for first age child in swimming pool

– Acclimate the child in aquatic environment by ludic manner
– Makes easy in access in water before learning the swimming in giving him secure sensation
– Size changing, in order to receive 6 children and more

To know more about it

The pool jumping bar can work in the air and in the water
In the air this is an activity more artistic than sportive
Archimede aquafit designed a stainless steel bar compatible with the swimming pool water.
In the water the body is in quasi weightless. Consequently many movements might be executed with the possibility to make working all the body muscles.
Aqua pole dance is a discipline recommended to remodel the body, to consume calories and to lose weight.