All rebounds in the air or in the swimming pool

Watch the film (Trampoline in the water)

Rectangular with
a large size

in order to avoid falls
frame in electropolish
marine 304 stainless steel

Toile - trampoline de piscine - trampoline aquatique - aqua jump - aquafitness - archimède

Hyper resistant stuff compatible
with chlorinated and salt water

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Trampoline de piscine - trampoline aquatique - aqua jump - aquafitness - archimède

Elastic cord
with excellent resistance and elasticity (no spiral springs)

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for optimal equilibrium

Trampoline de piscine - trampoline aquatique - aqua jump - aquafitness - archimède

Machine that can be used
IN and OUTSIDE of the pool

Trampoline de piscine - trampoline aquatique - aqua jump - aquafitness - archimède
Watch the film (Trampoline in the air)
ventouses - trampoline aquatique - aqua jump - trampoline de piscine - aquafitness - archimède/Jointec France

Suction cups

Suction cups for ideal protection on all types of floor (liner PVC)

banniere trampoline

The Trampoline, Why ?

– the trampoline develops a sweet physical activity. It is atraumatic and can be practiced by every public whatever is the level of physical condition. It reinforces the breath and models the body.

It is very appreciated by the feminine customer.

tampoline archimède
Good advantages of the ARCHIMEDE trampoline

Good advantages of the ARCHIMEDE trampoline

– Its structure in marine electropolished stainless steel makes it an usable tool in the swimming pool water or in the air

– Thanks to its large rectangular frame, it is hyperstable

– Its handlebar permits every possible rebound even the more sportive one, it avoids the falls out the stuff and it is secured for the neophytes

– By its very flexible elastic cord, the stuff avoids the articular shock on the cartilage

– Its feet equipped with suction cups assume an ideal stability on the different types of soil ( liner PVC, floor,…)

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Marine grade stainless steel

Additional protection
against corrosion
by electrolytic treatment and sacrificial anode

Requires low
to no maintenance

3 years

Maintain/deliver spare parts :
5 years from date of invoice

Weight :
28 lb

Dimensions :
L x w 3ft 3in x 2ft 11in

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DVD - vélo de piscine - aquabike - Archimède

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Aqua Master Trainers

Aquatic baby climbing frame - Archimede


the Aquatic Baby Climbing Frame

Gym tubular portical for first age child in swimming pool

– Acclimate the child in aquatic environment by ludic manner
– Makes easy in access in water before learning the swimming in giving him secure sensation
– Size changing, in order to receive 6 children and more

To know more about it

The trampoline presents advantages in the water or in the air.

But in the water the advantages are superior. In fact in the water one works in quasi weight less, consequently the effort is easier.

On the other hand, the cheapest aerian trampolines are equipped with a stuff tightened with springs. They provoke a brutal rebond, creating a shock on the articular cartilage on the back and on the lower members.

The frame is manufactured in cheaper plain steel.

Archimede chooses a frame in marine 304 stainless steel and a stuff tightened with elastic cord. The rebond is sweater and does not provoke any traumatism on the cartilage because the elastic cord stretches on all the length.

The Archimede trampoline is equipped with a stabilization handlebar. This accessory is necessary to guide the jumps, avoid the falls, widen the number of exercises from the simplest to the more acrobatic.