Pool bikes

Economic basic pool bike / Aquabike



The basic economic Pool bike
very appreciated by the
feminine private people


aquabike private family archimède

A simple Pool bike for
private pool and tall people

Pool Bikes

with the different pool bikes or Aquabikes
there are the main products (80% of the market).
They bring the advantages of the air bikes with the special advantages of the warm water

Optima Pro

vélo de piscine - aquabike - aquafitness - optima pro - archimède

Pool bike with variable resistance,
for all types of public, in Aquafitness Centers.
The leader product of the market

Silver 6

vélo de piscine - aquabike - aquafitness - silver - archimède

Sport pool bike for trained
women and men (higher resistance + 25% than
with Optima Pro)

Pool Bikes

Special XXL

page aquabike special XXL archimède

Special Pool bike for
overweight people (440lb)

Beach bike

beach bike 1

Usable in sand (beach, lake, river)

Surbased poolbike

Surbased poolbike - aquabike -Archimède

Same structure as the LADY model
Water level : 3ft 3 in to 3ft 11in

Bike in bath

bike in bath - Archimede

Bike in bath
Ref : VB.01

Complete range of Aquafit equipments

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elliptical bikes
aqua pole dance

Toward the Handicap Accessibility range

handicap access - Archimède Jointec France
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Toward the rehab range in pool

reeducation - Archimède Jointec France
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logo jointec - Archimède Jointec France

The top quality of Jointec Products

aquabike qualities archimède

All the equipments have been designed
by sport physiotherapists

Each article
has 3 years guaranty

It is conformed
with European norm
EC 2001/95.

Made in France
in the country Ardennes close to Germany and Great Britain

Pool bike

accessoires aquabikes Archimède

Accessories for
aquafit equipment

Accessories for Aquafit equipment