Pool bike

Optima pro

Pool bike with variable resistance, for all types of public, in Aquafit Centers
The leader aqua spinning product of the market

reglages - vélo de piscine - Optima pro - Archimède

Telescopic legs
according the depth

pédalier - vélo de piscine - Optima pro - Archimède

Double original

guidon arrière - vélo de piscine - optima pro - Archimède

in the back

pédales - vélo de piscine family - archimède

Pedals equipped
with clips

Roulettes - ventouses - vélo de piscine - aquabike family - archimède

and suction cups

guidon - vélo de piscine diamond - archimède


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Settings in the pool water

Pool bike with telescopic legs according to the depth of the water (3ft 3in to 6ft 2in) (see references)

Telescopic seat and handlebar adjusted according the person size (4ft 11in to 6ft 6in)

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vélo de piscine réglable - aquabike - optima pro - Archimède

Double specific

résistance - vélo de piscine - optima pro - Archimède

4 adjustable pales which bring variable resistance: according to their orientation, they cut the water with a minimum resistance, or they hurt it as a millwheel with a medium or maximum resistance

+ archimède

Pool bike with resistance when pedaling
thanks to a double specific system

Cale pied - Vélo de piscine - aquabike - Archimède

2 polycarbonate flaps under the pedals.
They work as an inertia wheel with a fluid pedaling

Guidon réglable - aquabike - vélo de piscine - Archimède
Guidon arrière - aquabike - vélo de piscine - Archimède

Handlebar in the back

in order to practice specific dorsal and abdominal exercises
in the back of the Pool bike

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Pedals equipped with clips

in order to carefully block the feet whatever is the speed
(Aquashoes recommended)

Cale pied - Vélo de piscine - aquabike - Archimède

Wheels and suction cups for optimal
stability and protection
on all types of floor (liner PVC)

roulettes - ventouses - vélo de piscine - aquabike - archimède


Marine grade stainless steel

Additional protection
against corrosion
by electrolytic treatment and sacrificial anode

Requires low
to no maintenance

3 years

Weight :
40 lbs (20 kg)

References :
OPT PRO N for normal water height
(3ft 11in to 4ft 11in)

OPT PRO S for shallow water height
(3ft 3 in to 3ft 11in)

OPT PRO U for deep water height
(4ft 11in to 6ft 6in)

DVD - vélo de piscine - aquabike - Archimède

2 FREE DVDs provided

Aqua Master Trainers
with detailed guidance
User tailored Aquabiking courses.

2 Resistance bands
they provide additional
workout possibilities

Cordon élastique - vélo de piscine - aquabike - Archimède
Aquatic baby climbing frame - Archimede


the Aquatic Baby Climbing Frame

Gym tubular portical for first age child in swimming pool

– Acclimate the child in aquatic environment by ludic manner
– Makes easy in access in water before learning the swimming in giving him secure sensation
– Size changing, in order to receive 6 children and more

To know more about it

All the potentialities of the aquabike :

Pool bike with a variable resistance, convenient to 80 per 100 of the population, all the positions on the seat, comfort, efficiency, absolute liability.

Underwater cycling is now very popular in Europe and is developping fast in the USA