in water


In the water, one weights nothing,
The physical disabled people has his movement capacity and works like every body.


Every solution to move in the water, in order to recover his autonomy and his activity potential.

The leader of the Market

Archimède presents a wide range of rehab equipment: e.g., pool seats, pool armrests, special bikes etc…
These products are recommended for people after traumatology or for post-pregnancy women, for example.
There are also medical devices for rehab in traumatology, rheumatology, phlebology.
Public liability should be minimized in cases where Aquafitness equipment is in use

Special Pool Bike
for rehab

Vélo suspendu archimède - rééducation en piscine

Pool bike suspended to the bar
of the pool wall – Ref : CLEM01

mini trampoline

Trampoline médical archimède - rééducation

Help to improve the rehabilitation
of the proprioceptive sensibility
Ref : TM1000

logo jointec manufacturer - Archimède Jointec France

The top quality
of Jointec Products

aquabike qualities archimède

All the equipments have been designed
by sport physiotherapists

Each article
has 3 years guaranty

It is conformed
with European norm
EC 2001/95.

Made in France
in the country Ardennes near Belgium and Germany

Gaia 03

Exerciser Gaia archimède

Ideal for a soft reinforcement
of the adbominal muscles
(pelvis girdle, post delivery)
Ref : GAIA03

Swimming pool

Bahre auf Wagen von pool archimède

Permits to put into the water
the handicapped person in lying
horizontal position – Ref : BFE01

Chair for

cosy seul - Archimède Jointec France

The pedaling in sitting
position on a seat, the security for an handicapped
person in difficulty on a bike
Ref : COSY01

for upper members

louis - Archimède Jointec France

Aquaexercise for upper members,
scapular girlde and cervical clumn
Ref : LOUIS03

Pool Seat
for Rehabilitation

siège - Archimède Jointec France

In suspension on the horizontal
holding bar in the Care Center
Ref : SF01

pool walker

Déambulateur de piscine archimède - rééducation en piscine

Permits to walk in the pool
Ref : DP01

Plate for children
learning to swim

Plateforme d’apprentissage archimède - rééducation en piscine

Designed to learn the children
in 1 ft 3 in water
depth (wading pool) – Ref : PAN01


Special Pool Zimmer archimède

Designed for handicapped
person which present
difficult to walk in the pool
in security – Ref : YO01

Armrest of
swimming pool

barres - Archimède Jointec France

Designed to stabilize
the equilibrium of the handicapped
person in the pool and to facilitate the movement
of his inferior members
Ref : BAL01


Rampe antinoyade archimède - rééducation en piscine

Floating slope allowing to
the pets (dogs, cats, batrachians, rodents…)
to go out of the water
(swimming pool, wharf, boat…) – Ref : RA02

Toward the Aquafit range

aquabike - Archimède Jointec France
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Toward the Handicap Accessibility range

handicap access - Archimède Jointec France
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