ref : GAIA03

For post delivery

Ideal for a soft reinforcement of the adbominal muscles (pelvis girdle)

Goods advantages:

> Accelerate the recovery of the abdominal muscles in post delivery

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> Refine the body line
> Renforce abdos, quadriceps, lombodorsal, pectoral, trapézius muscles
> Improve the cardio respiratory capacity

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The device is an inclined plane suspended to the bar of the pool wall

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Structure in marine 304 stainless steel

3 years guaranty


When the rehabilitation swiming pool has no horizontal holding bar, Jointec supply a specific device :

Amovible specific bar fixed with wheel screws and plugs for suspending the exerciser.
Ref : TPZ.03

Barre d’appui TRAPEZE - rééducation en piscine - Archimède