Aquaexerciser for upper members

Scapular girlde and cervical clumn


Ref : LOUIS03

>3 years Guaranty

>Conform to the directive EN 2006/45 CE and to the handicap law

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Specifications :

On a suspended seat, a pedal and gear mechanism and an elastic cord for the reinforcement of the paravertebral column and of the scapular girdle

Usable or 3 ft 11 to 5 ft 2 in of depth water

L x w x l 3 ft 11 x 2 ft 5 in x 3 ft 11 – 37 lb

louis avec fleches - Archimède Jointec France
louis - Archimède Jointec France

Elastic cord for the musculation of the scapular girdle and of the upper members