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JOINTEC is a french manufacturer of aquafitness equipment, lifts for handicapped persons in various recreational areas (swimming pool, equitherapy center…) and miscellaneous devices for rehabilitation in water.

The trademark Archimède ® is made by JOINTEC

logo jointec - Archimède Jointec France

The production site is located in North East of France in the county Ardennes, near the Belgian border.

Before Jointec… Kinetec

Its Research and Development department developped the original arthromotors for the passive mobilization of the joints after surgery in the orthopedic and traumatologic specialties

This trademark was Kinetec


Designer and manufacturer of Kinetec rehabilitation devices for use after orthopedic and trauma surgery


Initiator of the concept of immediate Continuous Passive Motion (C.P.M.)

Its Research and Development department is constituted with physiotherapists of sport, among them an ex physiotherapist for the national french soccer team


Designer and manufacturer of the aquatic fitness equipment (Archimède trademark)

logo jointec - Archimède Jointec France

The top quality
of Jointec products branded Archimede

Sport physiotherapists and engineers have designed all the branded Archimede equipments.
The manufacturing is made in France, in the county of the Ardennes near the Belgian border. JOINTEC H2D produces the numerous equipments branded Archimede. JOINTEC also strives for short manufactoring circuit to limit the environmental impact by its products.
The products are mainly made in stainless steel and carefully finished
by electro polishing. Moreover most are equipped with a sacrificial anode in order to get a complete anti rust waranty. Most of the products are also possible to customise to further improve the customers need.

The Archimede Research and Development comes from an ex physiotherapist of the national French professional soccer team. He drew up the biodynamic studies in order to obtain the comfort for the user and the efficiency of the method. This approach is still inspiring the brand to have the human in the center of our concept and improve each individual’s well being through exercises and connecting with people in water.

The top quality of Jointec Products

Sport physiotherapists
and engineers have
designed all the equipments

garanty archimede jointec france

Each article
has 3 years guaranty

european norm archimede jointec france

It is conformed
with European norm
EC 2001/95.

made in france archimede jointec fance

Made in France
in the county Ardennes
near the Belgian border,
close to Germany,
Great Britain and
the Nederlands.

To know more about it

The marine stainless steel is a special steel. It is also called stainless steel 304 or 316L.
The steels are used in the nuclear and food industries as they offer the best resistance to the oxidation. This material is the base for most of the Archimede products.

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Archimede ®


Jointec H2D Manufacturer

Adress : Route de Mouzon, 08140 Douzy, France

Phone : + 33 3 24 33 42 56

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