Multipurpose Aquatraining Cross bar


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The analytical reinforcement of the overall body muscles

The motion in suspension in the swimming pool warm water.
The ideal method for:


– To relax the muscles,
– To reinforce and to make more flexible the spinal column
– To relieve the low back pain
– To tone the abdominal belt up in case of overweight or of the post delivery

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The picture represents a vertical cross bar ( 1)hooked to the swimming pool handlebar ( 2 ), two suspension hoops for the upper members ( 3 ) and an evolution plate ( 4 ) for the work of the back, of the abdominals, and of the lower members.

If the swimming pool has no handlebar, it might be replaced by the Archimede trapezoidal handlebar TPZ03 fixed to the pool edge ( 5 ).


The trapezoidal handlebar suits all the pool edges in wood or in tiles

The device permits an aerobic and analytical gymnastic of the body segments, of the lower members, of the trunk, of the upper members in taking the warm water advantages.

Used :

– In private or public swimming pool, in thelassotherapy center or in thermalism.
– In therapist or rheumatology center, to practice therapeutic cares.
– In hotel or camping swimming pool.

Multipurpose aquatraining cross bar
Multipurpose aquatraining cross bar

The user is grasped and suspended to the hoops. He is in the water to the shoulders and has no more weight. His vertebral disks are stretched and are relaxing. Articulations and muscles are working in weightless, quietly, without articular shock, without stress.

– Abdominals
– Back muscles
– Buttock muscles
– Thighs, Legs are working in dynamical contraction without effort.
– The scapular belt, the neck, the arms are gently working in static contraction.

Multipurpose aquatraining cross bar


In stainless marine
Anticorrosion protection:

Electro polishing and sacrificial anode

No maintenance

Structure guaranty 3 Years

L x w : 4ft 10in x 2Ft 78in

Dimensions of seat:
L x w : 2ft 62in x 1ft 14in

Weight :
40 lbs (20 kg)

Ref :

Aquatic baby climbing frame - Archimede


the Aquatic Baby Climbing Frame

Gym tubular portical for first age child in swimming pool

– Acclimate the child in aquatic environment by ludic manner
– Makes easy in access in water before learning the swimming in giving him secure sensation
– Size changing, in order to receive 6 children and more

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