Pool lift with fixed seat

Ref : SA01-3

Pivoting on 360°

Jib with deformable parallelogramme permitting a stable position of the seat during the transfer into the water

> 3 years guaranty
> battery with 1 year guaranty

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Actionned with an actuator 230 or 110/24 volts (capacity 1 ton)

Admissible load 395 lb

Pool lift with fixed seat
Pool lift selector archimède

Plate fixed on the soil with 4 wheels screws and 4 plugs

(resistance to the arrachment : 2 x 2,5 tons)

ref : SA01-3

Protected with a cover in PVC

bache - Archimède Jointec France
diable - Archimède Jointec France

Optional accessories:

Cart for the transport in the technical local

Ref : DI01-3

Safety instructions

The safety instructions must be rigorously applied : Assembly on a type B250 concrete base (250kgs of concrete per cubic meter. uncracked concrete)

Technical constraints

Positioning, swivel pins attachment and assembly of the board must be made by a professional (bricklayer)

The pool lift must be protected with its PVC cover when not in use